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Patent # Description
US-9,529,605 Customizing user interface indicators based on prior interactions
A method may provide a customized graphical user interface indicator. The method may include determining a count corresponding to a number of user interactions...
US-9,529,582 Modular architecture for distributed system management
A distributed system manager may identify updates to perform, identify devices to update, and perform the updates while maintaining service availability. The...
US-9,529,575 Rasterization of compute shaders
Described are compiler algorithms that partition a compute shader program into maximal-size regions, called thread-loops. The algorithms may remove original...
US-9,529,573 Graphical user interface generation through use of a binary file
A system for generating and displaying a graphical user interface on a computer screen is described herein. The system includes a receiver component that...
US-9,529,566 Interactive content creation
An audio/visual system (e.g., such as an entertainment console or other computing device) plays a base audio track, such as a portion of a pre-recorded song or...
US-9,529,513 Two-hand interaction with natural user interface
Two-handed interactions with a natural user interface are disclosed. For example, one embodiment provides a method comprising detecting via image data received...
US-9,529,454 Three-dimensional user input
Examples are disclosed herein that relate to processing three-dimensional user input. One example provides a method of processing user input in a ...
US-9,529,447 Removable input module
A removable input module for a touch-screen device is described. The input module comprises an attachment mechanism to attach the module to the touch-screen...
US-9,529,426 Head pose tracking using a depth camera
Head pose tracking technique embodiments are presented that use a group of sensors configured so as to be disposed on a user's head. This group of sensors...
US-9,529,424 Augmented reality with direct user interaction
Augmented reality with direct user interaction is described. In one example, an augmented reality system comprises a user-interaction region, a camera that...
US-9,529,246 Transparent camera module
A camera module is disclosed including an image sensor having an associated optical filter configured to receive a first set of one or more wavelengths of...
US-9,528,847 Pictures from sketches
A graphical sketch can be received, the sketch including one or more representations of text. A query can be automatically generated from the sketch. The...
US-9,526,980 Client side processing of game controller input
Embodiments of the present invention enable rich control input data to control video games that are remotely executed. Rich control input includes...
US-9,526,979 Storing state for physical modular toys
A modular assembly system is described in which each module comprises a storage element which stores an identifier for the module and data relating to the...
US-D775,232 Display screen with icon
US-D775,231 Display screen with icon
US-D775,230 Display screen with icon
US-D775,229 Display screen with icon
US-D775,228 Display screen with icon
US-D775,227 Display screen with icon
US-D775,226 Display screen with icon
US-D775,225 Display screen with icon
US-D775,224 Display screen with icon
US-D775,223 Display screen with icon
US-D775,222 Display screen with icon
US-D775,221 Display screen with icon
US-D775,220 Display screen with icon
US-D775,219 Display screen with icon
US-D775,218 Display screen with icon
US-D775,217 Display screen with icon
US-D775,216 Display screen with icon
US-D775,215 Display screen with icon
US-D775,214 Display screen with icon
US-D775,208 Display screen with icon
US-D775,207 Display screen with icon
US-D775,206 Display screen with icon
US-D775,205 Display screen with icon
US-D775,202 Display screen with animated graphical user interface
US-D775,200 Display screen with icon
US-D775,199 Display screen with icon
US-D775,182 Display screen with graphical user interface
US-D775,097 Handset
US-9,526,125 Transfer of data-intensive content between portable devices
Described herein are technologies that facilitate transfer of data-intensive content between portable telephones. Phones are configured to transmit data...
US-9,526,007 Location brokering for providing security, privacy and services
Location brokering technique embodiments are presented that employ sensor data captured by a user's mobile device to determine the device's location, encrypt...
US-9,525,924 Magnetic shielding and communication coil
A magnetic coil is described. In an example, an apparatus comprises a layer of porous material and a magnetic coil. The layer of porous material comprises...
US-9,525,821 Video stabilization
Aspects of the technology described herein provide a method of editing video to improve the apparent stability of the video footage. In one aspect, the apparent...
US-9,525,679 Sending session tokens through passive clients
A session token can be requested to be sent to a first computing service from a second computing service, and a first computing service can receive the...
US-9,525,643 Using templates to configure cloud resources
The present invention extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for using templates to configure cloud resources. Embodiments of the invention...
US-9,525,584 One-way public relationships
Techniques are described to establish one-way public relationships. In an implementation, a service manager module is usable to configure a webpage for output...
US-9,525,573 Serializing transmitter
In embodiments of a serializing transmitter, the serializing transmitter includes N multiplexing drive units, each configured to generate a series of output...
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